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boogarins raise the psychedelic bar with new single

February 20, 2019
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Brazillian psychedelic band Boogarins’ last record, Lá Vem a Morte, has remained in steady rotation since 2017. The band’s expert mix of atmosphere, musical innovation and lyricism is a rare thing in the world of psychedelic rock, where all too many bands get lost in atmosphere and musical complexity and forget to write a damn song. If their latest single is any indication, Boogarins’ forthcoming Sombrou Dúvida perfects the recipe. Mind-bending swirls of guitar noise and death-defying riffs crash in and out of focus while singer Dinho Almeida keeps the whole thing grounded.



The lyric video for the record’s title track blends lo-res digital surreality and abstract visuals like someone plugged straight DMT into your USB slot. For a band that’s been steadily upping the ante with every release, “Sombra ou Dúvida” is a revelation. The full record drops May 10th.