badu is one of our most consistent fashion queens

February 26, 2019
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Our greatest artists are ever-evolving. They reinvent themselves from a truthful place over the years. Erykah Badu has transformed herself time and time again — not only in her music, but in her fashion as well. In honor of Ms. Badu’s 48th birthday, we wanted to have a look at her style journey, as expressed in her videos.

We begin with the “On & On,” where we meet Badu as an earthy, comfortable clothes-wearing, effortlessly stylish young woman. The essence of this look remains at the heart of Erykah’s style to this day.

Next up, is this lovely pink look that Erykah sported in 1998, while winning her first Grammy, for Best R&B album. 

Who could forget this look from Badu’s unplugged acoustic show. Through fashion Badu has always let Black kids all over know that there’s nothing cooler than dressing for yourself.

This brings us to the ICONIQUE, very colorful, almost Fanta-like “Bag Lady” video.

As Ms. Badu has grown up, the fashion sense that began connected to the earth has expanded to the stars. There is no limit to how she now experiments with more colors and shapes. Recently, Ms. Badu did the damn thing on tiny desk looking f l a w l e s s.

Erykah even makes a fashionable troll!

And finally, you know we had to bring up the Soul Train Awards.

Happy Birthday Ms. Badu!!! Here’s to many more moments in which we see your mind and heart through your fashion.