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a black history month miracle: ‘the boondocks’ is back

February 6, 2019
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In the words of Twitter icon and comedian Jaboukie on February 4th, 2019, “This Black History Month has a chaotic energy only 4 days in I would not be surprised if Tupac leaves Cuba.” 

These past six days have been a wild ride! The latest development this month is something we’ve all been waiting for since 2014 and begging for since November 6th, 2016. Aaron McGruder has blessed us with new Boondocks comics! 

On Tuesday, February 5th, Charlamagne Tha God posted a series of Instagram posts featuring brand new The Boondocks comics with a message to the world from Aaron McGruder. The comics are just as political and topical as we needed. 

“Did these for fun (and to see if I still could). More to come… exactly how much more is tough to say. These strips were only possible due to the enormous talent of my good friend Seung Kim, who did the animation for the old show – and he’s a busy guy. Thanks to him and thanks to Charlamagne for putting these out for me while I get my Instagram act together.”

Happy reading everybody. Here’s hoping for more Aaron McGruder in our lives in 2019!

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Robert Mueller vs. Uncle Ruckus #BoondocksBack

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