goldlink & friends flex ‘muscle’ on new single

January 25, 2019

Just in time for another cold-ass weekend here on the East Coast, GoldLink drops yet another brand new tune to keep the blood moving.

“Got Muscle?” is produced by — and features a hook courtesy of — fellow DMV rap scientist WaveIQ, who also did the mournful quiet-storm beat on the excellent “Justine’s Interlude” that ‘Link dropped on his COLORS session a few weeks back. But though “Muscle” also sees D’Anthony Carlos lighting a candle in memory of Mac Miller, it has a different vibe entirely.

Instead, “Got Muscle?” is one of those easily flowing pieces where ‘Link moves naturally from the club to a street confrontation, to a backseat he’s sharing with new shawty from Texas, with an “ambidextrous” (yes, these two words rhyme) way to please both herself and him. Both of his verses are masterful displays of what makes ‘Link great:  always moving, not getting stuck either in his own head or in a situation that would turn him into a cliche. His world is inter-connected. Then ATL’s Peewee Longway contributes a clean-up verse that is more trap-y, but which at one point begins to percolates on the strength of WaveIQ’s kicks. Some heat — perfect for the cold.