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celebrating 60 years of the spellbinding sade adu

January 16, 2019
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As we celebrate the 60th year that ethereal being Sade Adu has walked the earth, we marvel at her refusal to age (drop the skincare regimen Queen) and thank the heavens for her spellbinding presence in music. There are very few musicians that can drop an album a decade but there is literally no one like Sade so we are going through some of her greatest songs and performances because, why not?

The Sweetest Taboo


King Of Sorrow


Kiss Of Life


Is It A Crime (Live in San Diego)


By Your Side


Smooth Operator


No Ordinary Love


Jezebel (Live)


Soldier Of Love


Flower Of The Universe


Happy Birthday, Sade. You are no ordinary star and we are thankful to have witnessed your gifts.