social media resolutions have to come true, right?

December 11, 2018

Whether 2018 has treated you well or not I think we can all agree that it is taking a fucking lifetime.

So much has happened between now and then that we thought we’d have a look at what some of our favorite artist’s said at the start of the year. Let’s find out if 2018 lived up to it.

1. Earl Sweatshirt delivered on his promise.

True to his word, in 2018 Earl blessed us with Some Rap Songs. Similar to his reflection of 2017, 2018 was not exactly sunshine. However, it was a beautiful year in art and activism which is a testament to all the learning and unlearning done by our community. Here’s to the continuation of this journey in the New Year.

2. The Internet saved the world! 

The Internet did not disappoint with new album Hive Mind.  Its been such a gift seeing them perform it live all around the world with us this past year and we can’t wait to ring in 2019 with one of our favorite bands in the world.

3. Solange took the time in late November to thank us all for supporting her journey. 

While remaining just as relevant and important as always, Solange slowed down publicly this year. With whispers of an album dropping at any point we can’t wait to hear and see what 2018 has taught her!


4. Thundercat so graciously filled us in on his 2018 plans.

He spoke of his culinary aspirations and so delicately described his fashion goals with us. Thank you for your words Thundercat. They were a much needed guide for us in 2018. What’s that saying? The pen is mightier than the sword? Well you sir, are a warrior.