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watch groundbreaking films with your library card

December 3, 2018

One of the places that freed me as a child was the library. Because of growing up poor, there wasn’t many choices for me when it comes to travel and experience, so literature and film were my main escapes and tools to learn about something beyond myself. I’d devour books by day and submerge myself in film by night, with the magazine throw in between for size. This fed my imagination when every other part of my body was starving. It’s imperative that we insure all people, regardless of of economic, status have access to the arts. 

This is to say that the library card was not the most valuable thing I’ve ever possessed and it was free. Now, your library card works with new film streaming service Kanopy where films like Moonlight and The Disaster Artist are available. It’s exciting to think that a new generation is still able to access exploration even if they can’t financially afford it because of this new service.