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jordan peele is coming for the horror genre

December 26, 2018
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Get Out writer and director Jordan Peele made sure horror fans had a very Merry Christmas by dropping the trailer for his latest frightful undertaking, Us. Twenty-four hours have barely passed and the theories are already swirling thanks to a buffet of visuals served up by the trailer. What was most enticing about said visuals is Lupita’s chilling performance, already evident in the two-and-a-half minute rollercoaster ride. The breadcrumbs left by the trailer are already being fashioned into full meals of conjecture and theorizing and the movie is only coming out next year on March 15. Do yourself a favor and press play below. You will thank us later.

The trailer also reveals the emergence of a distinct style in Peele’s work — notably, the iconic mid-close-up on a tearful character, newly dubbed by social media as “The Peele Cry”. Black Panther’s own Mr. Congeniality M’baku (Winston Duke) is back as a domestic father who can “get crazy”.  Whew, this movie is going to be A LOT. I literally cannot wait to watch this Black family go through it. Come through and snatch the genre of Horror Jordan. We’ll be here, scared as hell most probably.