vote now for afropunk joburg battle of the bands

November 10, 2018

This week the United States had some important decisions to make. We finally proved to the world that America exercises (our right to vote).

People all over the country got involved to make their voices heard. We made historic decisions that will influence our future forever. To our US family, we are so proud of you. Didn’t it feel good to use your voice?

A lot of online narrative this past year has centered the importance of voting. 2018 revealed a lot of ugly truths that have become impossible to ignore. Most of us have changed our ways and have chosen to be fully engaged full time. We know it is our duty to vote and encourage our friends to vote.

With all this voting coming up for the rest of our lifetimes it’d be good to get some practice in. It’s important to keep your voting skills up to date or you could wake up someday and forget how to make a decision. The human race is an indecisive one as you can tell by the way we treat T-Pain. He was a legend and then people slept on him and then when his tiny desk without autotune came out we decided to stan again? Be consistent people.

We’re here to help. Decisions are difficult to make and as we elect doper and doper people into office we may one day see a time where (please use your imagination) we have to choose between all good candidates. We need to be as prepared as possible. That’s why we’re being so kind as to giving you this super exclusive powerful link to practice voting on: CLICK HERE. 

I mean since you brought up voting… AFROPUNK Battle of the Bands Joburg is quickly approaching and local acts need your input! Yup, you get to vote AGAIN and this time there is no wrong choice (all tea, all shade). 

Whether you’re from the US, the UK, Barbados, Mali, Thailand, W H E R E V E R, you can be involved in helping a very special artist’s dream come true. Please cast your vote and help your favorite artist advance to the AFROPUNK Battle of the Bands finals! Please feel free to ignore this if you don’t give a shit about the future of humankind.

Happy voting!

We said don’t be mad…