trans poc celebrate identity and self-love

November 20, 2018
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Just in time for Trans Awareness Week, which ended yesterday, queer trans people of color shared with GLAAD their favorite things about being members of the community with tender anecdotes about their magic and coming into their own.

Writing about their personal experiences, trials, and triumphs, advocates like Joon Park, GLAAD Campus Ambassador: “My name is Joon Park. As a Korean-American immigrant from suburban New Jersey, I hated my name growing up. I hated how foreign it sounded in a sea of Jacobs and Emilys. I hated how my teachers would insist on colonizing my name by calling me ‘John’ instead. And more importantly, I hated how everyone always assumed that ‘John’ would be a better nickname for me than something like Jane, even though both sounded equally similar to Joon.


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“Fortunately – after a few tumultuous years of learning to live in my truth – I realized I love being Korean, and that I shouldn’t be ashamed of my identity as a Korean American. I discovered that I loved introducing myself as ‘Joon, like the month’ because I was also born in June. I loved how the two O’s in between the J and the N looked like twins, just like the Gemini I am. (Yes, Gemini’s are the best, don’t @ me).”

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