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the grapevine tv: millennial matters in the midterms

November 5, 2018

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Millennials will severely impact the outcome of the midterm elections. Many people anticipate that the mid-terms will be a referendum on the Trump presidency. By now though, we know that it is not safe to make any assumptions. So, we want to hear from our people directly about just what this election means for us and for the future of this country.

We sat down with Ayesha K. Faines and Huey Walker at Baby Janes in Brooklyn, NY to discuss their top issues for the midterms, which for them include women’s reproductive rights, economics, and prison reform. At this very critical moment for the country, it is important that young, Black voters begin to regularly engage in political conversation. In this short exchange, we discover that the discussions this time around, go beyond traditional midterm-election debate. With Kavaunagh’s shady confirmation and the rise of movements like #METOO dominating the public’s attention, debates over a woman’s right’s to choose are at an all-time high. As Ayesha explains, to many women, it feels like everything is on the line. Check out the conversation here and let us know what you think.



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