black lgbtq+ support in central america

November 20, 2018

I am all too familiar with the feeling of helplessness. With the continuous attacks on what is moral and sensible, it can be difficult to generate the energy to resist, but it is imperative.

Often, witnessing others doing work that is inspiring can bring a second wind to continue to fight. This is what happened once I stumbled across Joshua Obawole’s Instagram page. In one post, they were surrounded and embraced by LGBTQ+ migrants from Central America. Part of the post read, “I am on the ground Tijuana this weekend working around the clock to keep our LGBT+ migrants from the Central American caravan feed [sic], housed, clothed & connected with legal support  to apply for asylum!!!!!!!!”

Using their money transfer apps (Venmo and CashApp), Joshua is managing to raise money to support and protect the Central American migrants with LGBTQ+ identities.

When I reached out to commend them, they responded, “I am trying my hardest to support this group of our trans/queer siblings and get their story of there the best I can. Because their narratives are being distorted.”

This inspired me to keep doing my own work and to amplify theirs. What are the things that push you once you feel helpless?