anderson .paak drops ‘who r u’ and we are open

November 11, 2018
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The unstoppable Anderson .Paak is back with another newbie in the form of the Dr.Dre co-produced “Who R U?”. A cut from his upcoming album, Oxnard, “Who R U” features a braggadocio, languid flow accompanied by a characteristically danceable melody (co-produced by Mell, respectively). The highly anticipated Oxnard, Anderson’s Aftermath Entertainment debut and is being mixed by Dre, will be released on November 16.

“You could proceed, but with caution/Give the proceeds to my God-kids/Old dirt on my conscience/Same nigga my pop is/Lame niggas wanna pop shit, get drop kicked by a dropkick”

Confident in its understated, synth-heavy beat, the swaggering track also features backing vocals and ad-libs by the one and only D.R.E. You’ll love it, so check it out below.