adeline’s “hi life” is a disco-house dream

November 19, 2018
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We’ve long known Adeline as the singer and sometime-bassist in Escort, one of Brooklyn and AFROPUNK’s favorite live disco bands. Though Escort is still very much an ongoing concern, Adeline’s voice and charisma made it only a matter of time before the Paris-born and -raised New Yorker dropped some music that reflected her own point of view. That time is now.

Adeline Michele actually debuted many of the songs on Adeline [ad-uh-leen], her solo album debut, at this year’s AFROPUNK Brooklyn festival. Co-produced by Morgan Wiley (from one of NYC’s other great live disco bands, Midnight Magic), and featuring TV on the Radio’s Jaleel Bunton on guitar, the album is a masterful collection of electronic-heavy soul music that leans on the dance-floor, but also knows when the rhythm should pull in other directions. Though “Hi Life” is a pure vocal-house dream, the sound of classic New York house with a modern touch. “I can see it coming my way,” sings Adeline – if you’re not blind, you will too.

You can find Adeline [ad-uh-leen] on all the usual sites where you stream your music.