young fathers’ ‘cocoa sugar’ is beautiful, bittersweet

October 31, 2018
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Earlier this year, Scotland’s finest electronic, noise-rap, post-punk trio, Young Fathers — forever in AFROPUNK hearts for the tremendous performances they gave on our Atlanta (2017) and London (2016) stages — released their third album, Cocoa Sugar, which has since become a global runaway smash. Now, ahead of a victory-lap US/UK tour, Alloysious Massaquoi, Graham “G” Hastings and Kayus Bankole drop a new track, the album’s title cut, which never made it on the full-length release. Confusing though that may be, consider the gorgeous song the band’s “thank you” after a huge 12 months.

Like much of Young Fathers music, “Cocoa Sugar” balances the sweet with the bitter. What begins as an ambient-synth lullaby about the freedom to “drift away” and about being present “til the sunrise” — “it’s alright” coos a medley of calming voices — soon explodes into a set of over-sized, dramatic “last day” memories. The song intertwines child-like safety with the adult-world dangers that need to be overcome in order to make that safety a temporal reality. They don’t call themselves Fathers for nothing.

“Cocoa Sugar” is released as AA side with a new mix of the Cocoa Sugar track, “Border Girl,” which is also well-worth your time.  Check the Young Fathers site for their tour-dates and go see them rock your world.