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the grapevine: unfiltered millennial roundtable

October 19, 2018
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When Donovan Thompson first told me about this online talk show he was producing called The Grapevine, I was excited to learn more. The idea of a round table conversation of bright, brilliant, young Black people of differing backgrounds, perspectives and political leanings having unfiltered and unapologetic dialogue in these dark political and racially oppressed days, sounded refreshing.

And then I met the founder and host of The Grapevine Ashley Akunna. The tall, Black woman with journalistic skills that are as sharp as a machete and a mind that questions everything and digs below the surface to get answers and find the truth, would obviously be the voice of this enterprise. She felt that there was a void online for young Black Millennials to share their thoughts, ideas, voices, perspectives, and sometimes anger.

Finally, I met Amanda Scott who is the producer/panelist and get-it-done member of The Grapevine squad. Her will, her passion, and her focus rounded out the team. It all made sense. They were out to change the narrative and conversation around Blackness as it relates to pop culture, community and current events—and their generation. They do this virally by flooding our timelines with compelling dialogue and debate.

The Grapevine just released two new episodes: one on Colin Kaepernick and one on Bill Cosby. I was at the taping of these shows and I can testify that the voices, perspective, and points-of-view will literally blow your mind and remind you that we as Black people are not monolithic and our brilliance is beyond measure.

Subscribe to The Grapevine and see what young, gifted and Black looks and sounds like now. This is the voice of the future. Look, listen, learn and lean-in.