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trevor noah: lupita throws hands like my mother

October 26, 2018
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Lupita Nyong’o called Trevor Noah while from the set of Black Panther and told him, with no context, “Hey, I want to be your mother.” Trevor, being Trevor, agreed before she explained that she wanted to play his mother in the movie adaptation of his award-winning autobiography, Born A Crime.

That might be the funniest biopic origin story ever.

Noah stopped by The Tonight Show to talk about his latest stand-up special Son Of Patricia, named after his mother as a sort of ode to her and an inside joke the two share. Patricia Noah is a defining and fascinating figure throughout the autobiography and Trevor shared a hilarious anecdote about why Nyong’o was perfect for the part.

“You see pictures of them, they’re both beautiful women, they’re both doing their thing, they’re both living in different worlds,” Noah said of Nyong’o and his mother, Patricia. “And it was great because when I saw Lupita in Black Panther and I saw how she kicked everyone’s asses, I was like, ‘Oh yeah, that reminds me of how my mom used to whip my ass!’”

The entire situation is a happy coincidence because Noah’s mother hails from the Xhosa tribe, whose language was used in Black Panther as the official language of Wakanda. Like Wakanda, the memories of a Black mother’s ass-whipping are forever. Can’t wait to see Lupita bring all that energy to the screen.