stacey abrams’ flag-burning was a peaceful protest

October 24, 2018
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As we barrel towards the midterm elections (now just under two weeks away!), the Georgia Gubernational election continues to heat up between opponents Stacey Abrams and Brian Kemp.

It recently came to light that in 1992, Abrams was present for the burning of the Georgia state flag (which, at the time, was basically a Confederate battle flag with the Georgia emblem plastered on the side), according to CNN. Abrams, a student at Spelman at the time, attended the flag-burning on the steps of the Georgia Capital as an act of peaceful protest and defended the action when asked about it at the Georgia Gubernational debate last night.

“Twenty-six years ago as a college freshman, I along with many other Georgians — including the governor of Georgia — were deeply disturbed by the racial divisiveness that was embedded in the state flag with that Confederate symbol,” said Abrams. “I said that that was wrong. And 10 years later, my opponent, Brian Kemp, actually voted to remove that symbol.”

Kemp didn’t even mention the flag-burning during the debate, obviously aware that he would be digging himself into a hole of hypocrisy as someone who voted to have the symbol removed. It is suspect that the news of the flag-burning came out just before the debate, and that Abrams is the only person being asked to answer for it when the event had the Governor of Georgia at the time (Zell Miller) in attendance.

As Abrams fights to become the first Black Woman Governor of Georgia (and the first Black Woman Governor in US history), the Democratic nominee’s policies have been framed as “radically leftist” by Republican opponent and Georgia Secretary Of State Brian Kemp. Making Abrams answer for the flag burning adds to that narrative, in what seems to be a ploy to energize the Confederate nostalgists in the Georgia voting pool. It’s fair to say that those people weren’t voting for Abrams anyway.

“What I’m fighting for now, though, is more of Georgia values,” Abrams said, emphasizing her plan to expand Medicaid to supply more Georgians with healthcare and jobs created by the health-expansion measures. “That’s what I want to do because I’m proud of Georgia and proud to be a Georgian.”

A proud Georgian with a legacy of conviction that dates back to her college days. Sounds like the makings of a Governor to me.


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