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black lgbtq+ tv representation shows up and shows out

October 30, 2018
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Good-ish news, y’all, a recent report found that Black LGBTQ+ representation has hit a record high in TV media.

GLAAD’s annual Where We Are on TV report found that LGBTQ+ characters accounted for 8.8% of all characters represented on TV this season. Which is a 2.4% increase from the 2017-18 TV season! Not only that but of those gay, queer, and questioning characters 22% are Black, 8% Latinx, and 8% Asian Pacific Islander. According to the Hollywood Reporter, this is an all-time high for Black representation in general.

“Amid one of the most tumultuous times that LGBTQ Americans have ever faced, what happens on our television screens is now more critical than ever before to accelerate acceptance for LGBTQ people,” GLAAD president and CEO Sarah Kate Ellis said in a statement about the report. “Not only do stories that explore the rich lives and identities of LGBTQ people move the needle forward culturally, but they pay off in ratings — shows like Will & Grace, Supergirl, Empire and How to Get Away With Murder all attract millions of viewers weekly and show that audiences are clearly hungry for new stories and perspectives.”

Here’s hoping that giving voice to these characters will flourish and only grow in diversity.