xenia frança takes on cultural appropriation

September 17, 2018
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Composed by Xenia França and Lucas Cirillo, “Porque Tu Me Chama Se Não me Conhece?” (“Why Do You Call Me if You Don’t Know Me?”), is a smart, lively cut from Xenia’s self-titled debut album. Infused with Bossa Nova flair and sung in Portuguese, it is shrouded in mystique and otherworldly energy—a nod to its Orishas-inspired roots. Directed by Fred Ouro Preto, with creative direction by Xenia herself, the engrossing visual pays tribute to Xenia’s Afro-Brazilian ancestry through symbolic imagery and through lyrical messaging about cultural appropriation.

Caroline Lima

Born in Bahia, Brazil, Xenia fuses together the musical cultures of soul, jazz, and Afrobeat, while lyrically carrying the existential weight of the African Diaspora and the strength of its people.