singer ari lennox gets emotional in “whipped cream”

September 6, 2018

Singer Ari Lennox has dreamt up a sensual fantasy with her new music video, “Whipped Cream.” Directed by Doubiago Bishara for The Fiends and produced by Darius Turbak, the dynamic visual is a throwback to ’70s soul, and to warm nights spent in love with someone who doesn’t love you back. It is a heartstrings-tugging jam dedicated to all the unrequited lovers who’ve given their heart to someone not ready to (or interested in) nurture it. Likewise, the nostalgia in the track explores the lingering pain left by an ex-lover.

“I’ve been late on rent, what was I thinkin/ I’m gon’ go to the gym, squat real low for a man/ Round you it revolves, I can’t shake it off/ Unrequited, admit it, you were never mine at all.”

The video for the longing, lost-love anthem was released after Lennox announced that she is quitting music to focus on her mental health—and then returned to discuss her struggles. And it’s a deeply personal departure at that.