she tribe called niobe

September 28, 2018
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Celebrating more than 20 years of musical excellence and cultural commentary, Niobe comics is honoring the members of A Tribe Called Quest with a stunning short comic series, aimed at inspiring the next generation of creatives, movers and shakers. Paying tribute to Black musicians ranging from Minnie Ripperton to ATCQ, Team Niobe celebrates these greats with limited, special-edition covers of NIOBE: She is Life: one that salutes hip-hop legends, and the other shouts-out some of the most influential black creators in comics. Co-written by Amandla Stenberg, Niobe: She is Life is the first nationally distributed comic with a black female author, and also features the work of artist Ashley A. Woods.

Stranger Comics President and Niobe creator Sebastian A. Jones calls Tribe the seed planters for the jazz and rhythm buried in his artistic soul. “I’m sure it helped inspire me to start a record label as a young kid out of the UK, releasing music that included greats ranging from John Coltrane to James Brown and more. When I founded Stranger Comics a decade ago, I hoped that our comics would also nourish young minds to explore their roots and make them grow in fantastical ways within stories that had personal and global resonance. This comic is a way of tipping my hat to some of my favorite pioneers of hip-hop and in all music period. I also want to acknowledge the creators, fans, and cosplayers who bring our world to life including @candybug_04, who Niobified ATCQ’s classic icon.”

This is the She Tribe Called Niobe.

Artwork by Ashley A. Woods.
Artwork by Ashley A. Woods
Artwork by Ashley A. Woods
Artwork by Ashley A. Woods

To learn more about the epic return of Niobe, check out its Kickstarter, here.