rapper cuts locs in protest of anti-blackness

September 4, 2018

In a country where Black children are being denied an education or expelled for their hair, the discrimination against black hair in the workforce (and society at large) comes as no surprise. Rapper  Juda Jay is using his art as his resistance by sacrificing his hair in protest of the policing of Black identity, down to the way Black hair is worn.

“Music is about sacrifice. In this video, I sacrificed my identity by cutting my dreads to protest cultural suppression and the anti-blackness deeply engraved in American workforce culture.”

Juda Jay wants to use rap as vessel for change. In the intimate video for his song ‘Syntax’, the rapper slowly cuts away at his locs while lamenting the way Black expression is suppressed in America. “They can take away our hair. They can take away our forms of expression. They can try to take away everything that makes us, us, but at the end of the day, the can’t take us away.”

Whats up my GVO”s, New Week New music. Heres another snippet from my upcoming release title Syntax ft FPA. I cant wait to share with yall. This video is going to be my most intimate work thus far and will discuss the topic of suppression of culture and DREADLOCKS and stereotypes of people with dreadlocks. Stay tuned……. Week Self Reflection Question: Are you seeing people for who they are or are you seeing them from, your preconceived notion of who they should be? . Drop a comment and they me what you thought about this weeks question. Or you want me to clarify, love yall! . . . . . #freethinkermovement #judajay #spotifyplaylist #spotifyartisttowatcg #dreadlocks #oppression #dreads #dreadstyles #dreadheadsdoitbetter #freethought #ballad #freethinkermovement #criticalthinking #selfreflectionsunday #questionschallenge #criticalthinkingmatters #criticalthinking #criticalthinkingmusic. #hiphop #chillpop #newmusicfriday #luxury #design #rose

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