pete wilde’s ‘savior’ extols feminine divinity

September 10, 2018
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Pete Wilde’s new single, “Savior,” is a high-flying rock anthem adorned with Southern church soul. “It’s about the shedding away of archaic religious ‘superstition’ and patriarchal values, and finding ‘God’ in the divine feminine energy,” says Wilde. All hail the Feminine Divine! A worthy follow-up to Wilde’s “Lucy,” the new track is an energetic celebration of spirituality that is not specific to any one religion, but the divinity of womanhood—and creators of all life. God has Genesis, mankind has women, and “Savior” is an unflinching tribute to womanhood which, under the patriarchy, has never truly gained the high praise and recognition women are so worthy of.

Photo by Joel Bear

“Lead me to your waters and baptize me” is the confession of a man turning away from his past misogynistic ways and accepting his new “Savior”: intersectional feminism. “It is the story of a man taking accountability for his misdeeds and turning a new leaf. Recognizing divinity in the creator and bearer of life: Woman,” Pete Wilde tells AFROPUNK.

Photo by Joel Bear