new shabazz palaces film returns to ‘quazarz’

September 17, 2018

Though the Shabazz Palaces’ ground-breaking albums, Quazarz Vs. The Jealous Machines and Quazarz: Born on a Gangster Star are now over a year old, they continue to be a source of great creativity for America’s pre-eminent hip-hop afro-futurists, and for their Black Constellation collective.

Exhibit A is this new film by Nep Sidhu made around the Jealous Machines closer, “Quazarz on 23rd,” and a sequel to last year’s film for “Welcome To Quazarz.” According to the Toronto-based, multi-disciplinary artist, the loose narrative is about  “A Being from the Quazarz [who] rises from the Black Constellation System Scramble ® but still finds himself lost tonally and sonically amidst earth’s recent offerings. In receiving Bhai Vir Singh’s response, by way of a familiar female form, he journeys to ready himself to meet her on H.E.R. terms, by way of cleanliness, and a non-deity based ritual. Far from superstition, this is a ceremony that has no place for fake cathartic release. An indigo drenched reflection in drum awaits his understanding of himself.” Got that?

“Quazarz on 23rd” features Michael Singh (in the role of “The Soul”) and Allix Thompson (as “Mother Nature”). It includes work by Michael Reynolds (editing and analog optics); Tiona Nekkia McClodden, Noel Chaput, and Reynolds (VHS cinematography); and Alex McLeod (animation).

Exhibit B is a sculpture/pinball machine: On September 22nd, Sidhu will be unveiling new work at the grand opening of Toronto’s Museum of Contemporary Art‘s first exhibit “Believe.” For Shabazz Palaces/Black Constellation stans, among is a Palaces-inspired “Quazarz Pinball Machine w/ Leisure & Surveillance Enhancement Console” (pictured above). “Believe” is scheduled to be up through January.