lenny kravitz is back like he never left

September 10, 2018
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Thank the music Gods that Lenny Kravitz conquered his writer’s block because his latest single, “Low,” off the recently released album, Raise Vibration is the sensual funk ballad we needed to end summer in style. The video was directed by Jean-Baptiste Mondino and its simplicity speaks volumes, as we watch Kravitz — barefoot, in jeans, and a soaked t-shirt — passionately pummeling away at his drum set.

It’s a sight and we’re not mad it.

The video manages to capture Kravitz’s raw energy and undeniable allure, while drawing focus to a song that exhibits the singer’s ability to deliver a sound that never subscribes to a genre. It’s seductive in a way only Kravitz can be, managing to deliver his authentic self in a shifting and growing musical landscape.

Raise Vibration is out now.