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lena waithe’s stunning speech at black girls rock

September 10, 2018
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Last night’s Black Girls Rock ceremony on BET brought out the love, the tears, and the Black sisterhood. This year’s event was hosted by Queen Latifah, and was packed with star-studded moments of empowerment and encouragement, notably by The Chi creator Lena Waithe. In a very moving speech, Waithe encouraged Black girls and women to trust themselves by accepting and loving themselves for who they are, regardless of who that is.

It encouraged everyone to “get free” of unessential attachments, fears, and people that may be holding you back from achieving goals or being your complete self. Using her recent Big Chop as a starting point, related to something that held her back, Waithe preached self-acceptance through letting go, the release of relationships that don’t serve us, and of self-destructive thinking.

It’s an open secret that the Black community has a precarious relationship with the LGBTQ+. Yet Waithe, a prominent figure of the Black LGBTQ+ community, is quickly becoming a household name; and with her platform, the young writer is liberating a new generation and we’re sooo here for that.