beautiful black braids in full bloom

September 24, 2018
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Bloom by  Charlie B. Dobson, is a celebration of Black hair beauty as well as the launch of her hair braiding business. Launching for the first time on the last day of summer, this is a look-book fueled by possibility and imagination for Dobson’s business and the artistic creations and protective styles that are possible with textured hair. With the help of models Alisha Nicole, JoJoB, and Ashely Marie, the images inspire and celebrates black womanhood. And a special thanks to makeup artist Candace Will of The Goddess Lounge and photographer Ty Naomi.

There is something about new beginnings that is so refreshing. Such moments tend  to revive and free us from everything that once entangled us. Bloom, the beauty of new beginnings.

Bloom. The level of freedom which exudes from a woman who is a peace with herself is indescribable. She is confident in herself, as well as the thoughts and plans God has for her. Her presence is liberating. She empowers others to do as she already has done. Be free. Bloom.

Bloom.  There is something special about a flower that is cultivated for its beauty. Although we tend to focus on the flower, seasons of blooming speak of the intentions of the one who did the work. God has a way of using life to chisel and develop us until we are everything He intended for us to be. It is the beauty from our ashes that allows the woman next to us to know that nothing is impossible for those who believe. Bloom.

Bloom.  It is an experience defined as: to come into or be in full beauty or health; flourish. To know that everything you ever experienced until such a season was used to water, prune, and nourish you, is to know that all things work together for our good.

Something powerful happens when women are able to unite. Although we come from different backgrounds and experiences, it is our individuality as a whole that makes us so beautiful. Just as no two flowers are alike, no two women are the same. A woman in bloom knows  that she is unique and yet can still support and celebrate the beauty of another woman. The beauty of femininity. Bloom.


CreativeDirector/Stylist: @cbdenterprises_ao1

Photographer/ Editor: @theimageryspecialist

Make Up Artist: @beatsnbeautybycandace


@dvddyjo (model of blue background)

@natural_nikki (model of white background)

@_theashleymarie(model of yellow background)