black joy is a visual feast in ‘feel that funk’ short

September 4, 2018
100 Picks

Black people often have to walk through the world with our Blackness subdued in order to not overwhelm the sensitive sensibilities of anyone who doesn’t understand what it means to be Black. That kind of existence opens us up to a world of never-ending scrutiny; so illustrator Jaleel Campbell and director Cristian Kaigler came together to create ‘Feel That Funk’, a short film that celebrates spaces where Black people can just be…

The film exudes the essence of Wakanda, Soul Train, and The Wiz, combining peak Black moments into a realm of Blackness that verges on magical realism. Campbell’s illustrations are brought to life as the piece mixes mediums in order to depict Black people freely existing in a place where they can peacefully explore and break boundaries while dancing to the funkified sounds of The Internet’s ‘Roll (Burbank Funk)’ from their latest album ‘Hive Mind’.