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bisexuality is beyond binary

September 27, 2018
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Bisexuality, despite its root, is hella-more nuanced than linguistics might initially suggest. That’s why I make it a point to be real quiet about my bisexuality. Not because I’m ashamed or confused or whatever. But because y’all are confused. Confused about the inclusionary measures my sexuality comes in. And I’m pleased to announce that bisexuality without trans inclusion makes no sense at all!!! Hurray!!

This is the bottom line: sleep with whoever you want. Ain’t nobody tryin’ to make you do something you don’t want to do just so you can be the most perfect SJW or whatever. Don’t sleep with or date people you don’t like just to prove a point. Challenge the ways in which you approach gender, especially when it comes to binary thinking. Bisexuality isn’t limited to femme or masculine-performing individuals, you know, and there’s a whole spectrum of identities in-between—wonderful, beautiful, sexy people who you write off for not conforming to your limited ideas of gender.

I’m not wild talking about my bisexuality because of how limiting it can be to myself and to the way people view me. Being bisexual doesn’t mean that you’re attracted to men and women who fit tightly into the gender binary; it is an expression of attraction regardless of gender. Lemme say it again, regardless of gender. For this year’s Bisexuality Awareness Week, I ask you, friends, bisexual and otherwise, to challenge the binary of bisexuality by expanding your understanding of gender and be more inclusive.