adia victoria revels in the ‘dope queen blues’

September 28, 2018
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Adia Victoria can set a mood like very few others! The Nashville-based singer/songwriter and AFROPUNK favorite, whose blue southern-gothic vibes paint a world many Americans surely recognize but dare not discuss, enjoys discomfort and extreme truth-telling. Even if—as is the case with the new and excellent track,”Dope Queen Blues”—the target is herself.

“I wrote it about when I was down in Atlanta, when I lived there in my early 20s,” says Adia. “It was a hazy, wild, debaucherous time. I was putting myself back in the shoes of that 20 year old that had just absolute freedom. We were making money and blowing it. It was a carefree time when we reveled in all of our vices.”

“It’s a culmination/of my ruination,” she sings on the chorus, drawing out the syllables with the attitude of one who is “dancing with the devil” and proud as hell of it. The repeating, suspense-drenched piano figure played by The National’s Aaron Dessner (who also produced the track) adds to the energy of self-destructive mischief.  It really is