writer eve l. ewing will pen the new marvel ‘ironheart’ comic series

August 21, 2018
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When Marvel first introduced Riri Williams, the Black Chicago teen that built an Iron Man suit in her MIT dorm room, Black girl nerds all over the world felt like we were living in a year where every day was Christmas. The next person to don the famed Iron suit would be a Black teenage girl and she would go by ‘Ironheart’. The good times just keep on coming because Marvel just announced that ‘Iron Heart’ will finally get her own comic book, penned by Chicago native, Black girl nerd, poet, author and sociologist of education, Dr. Eve L. Ewing.

Williams first appeared in ‘Invincible Iron Man’ where the engineering prodigy built a suit to rival Tony Stark’s Iron Man. When Stark finds out about the suit, he is so impressed that he becomes her mentor. As a Harvard educated Black woman, Ewing will bring her own experiences to the character, being a Chicago-bred Black girl who went to one of THE private white institutions. Ewing is known for books such as ‘Electric Arches’ and ‘Ghosts in the Schoolyard’, one of the few things she has done that has built her the kind of fanbase that would petition Marvel to give Ewing authorship of Riri Williams’ story. Newsweek reported on a petition made by fans of the author that reads “Ewing leaves no one behind,” the petition reads, “with far-reaching insights that, despite her academic pedigree as a Postdoctoral Scholar at the University of Chicago, do not neglect celebrating the neighborhood that awakened her creative mind.”

“One thing I’ve had to wrestle with is that if you’re a black women at a place like MIT, where Riri goes to school, or down the street at Harvard, where I went to graduate school, the social environment was kind of constructed without you in mind,” she continued. “These institutions ask you to make a lot of compromises that you have to navigate.” – Newsweek

In a Q&A with, the author spoke about what she felt ‘Ironheart’ stood for, stating “Ironheart symbolizes what happens when you combine incredible strength and might with a sense of love, care, and a true desire for justice. Not just punishment or showing off or short-term solutions, but real justice. Not to be corny or overly literal, but that’s what it means to combine the power represented by “iron” with the moral compass represented by “heart.” This heartfelt yet wise summary of Ironheart’s intentions is exactly the reason why fans petitioned for Ewing – they understood that Williams needed to be penned, not only by a Black woman, but a Black woman who understands Riri’s point of view. We couldn’t be more excited!

Williams will be drawn by Kevin Labranda who drew the art for the teenager in ‘Champions’. ‘Ironheart’ goes on sale Wednesday, November 7th but you can find out how to pre-order – so Marvel knows we mean bidness – by following the tweet thread below. Pre-order so that we can one day have the Riri Williams/Shuri meet-up we all deserve! The intelligent Black girl magic will almost be too much! Almost!