video premiere: “culture vultures” are hit hard in blues rockers black joe lewis & the honeybears’ latest

August 20, 2018
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Raw and direct, the new track from Black Joe Lewis & The Honeybears takes aim at culture vultures. “Culture Vulture” adds some stripped down cowpunk to the band’s palette of throwback blues and R&B, while Lewis delivers some of his most pointed lyrics to date. “Culture Vulture” is sharp as knives.

“Culture Vulture is a song about those who consume everything from the masses to create their identity while thinking it’s their own culture and influence that is under attack from others they perceive as different,” Joe Lewis tells AFROPUNK. “They think some kind of urban revolution is needed to preserve what’s theirs. Which allows the Powers that be to play off their fear mongering and watch the world burn. ‘That’s porno for the agency.’”

Black Joe Lewis & The Honeybears’ latest record, The Difference Between Me & You drops September 7th. Pre-order it here.