sorry not sorry for killer cop whose wedding was disrupted by black lives matter protest

August 8, 2018
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Over the weekend, one of the two police officers who shot and killed Stephon Clark earlier this year had his wedding day interrupted by Black Lives Matter protestors. Just hours before the nuptials, a small group of activists had learned about the wedding and quickly organized to make the demonstration happen. “I think they need to be approached in spaces where they’re a little more vulnerable,” Sacramento BLM founder Tanya Faison told CBS Sacramento. Arriving just before the ceremony began, a video released by BLM shows protestors inside the room where the cop and his groomsmen were gathered.

Clark was shot 20 times while talking on a cell phone in his backyard. Local police have yet to release the names of the police involved in Clark’s killing, making it hard to hold the officers responsible for his wrongful death accountable. “People may think that these officers are just going about their lives, but this is a very traumatic event for everyone,” said Sgt. Vance Chandler with Sacramento Police.