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premiere: like a ‘chariot’ for a wary soul, british soulstress mega’s stirring vocals feel like home

August 7, 2018
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North London soulstress Mega’s musical journey began in a local choir but was sidelined by devastating vocal issues experienced in her youth. She never let that deter her, vowing to one-day unleash her talent on the world and that day has finally come. Mega’s debut single ‘Chariot’ is a vulnerable and evocative showcase of the songstress’ measured vocal prowess. The simple strumming of the guitar, building to a percussive peak of nostalgia, power and catharsis is an experience only heightened and deepened by the rich tones of Mega’s voice.

She tells AFROPUNK: “Chariot was inspired by thinking about what I really needed to hear and imagining those words and lyrics being spoken and sung to me.”

A student of Whitney Houston and Amy Winehouse, Mega’s own undeniable sound shines through with her ability to weave understated lyrical poetry through an equally poetic sonic landscape. Every second is honest, embracing you till the echo of the final strum bleeds away, bringing you back into world. Bringing you home.

We cannot wait to witness Mega’s inevitable rise.

Listen to ‘Chariot’ above.