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poltics of style: non-toxic masculinity

August 25, 2018
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When you hear “masculinity” and “fashion,” what tends to come to mind are images of mens’ magazines and typical cis-het dapper styles like multi-piece suits, skinny ties, and loafer liners. But here at AFROPUNK, we’re all about pushing envelopes, experimenting with clothing, and creating something exquisite. And we know you love pushing the envelope, too. This time we’re focusing on the ways in which men choose to present themselves in a safe space like AFROPUNK.

Photographs by Frederick Salyers for AFROPUNK

photo by fredrick salyers (@7haman)

“Can I just let the clothes for themselves?” @theheirstyles

@theheirstyles photo by fredrick salyers (@7haman)
@uncle_londonconley, photo by fredrick salyers  (@7haman)
Dakota Lee Watson (right) with Alfonso Francois (left), photo by fredrick salyers (@7haman)

“It is very much inspired by Beyonce and September. The Queen. She did it and so I wanted to do it.” –  Alfonso Francois (left), Dakota Lee Watson (right)

photo by fredrick salyers (@7haman)

“This jacket was gifted to me, actually, by a friend in Senegal. I don’t know, I just wanted to wear colors. My sister’s here in yellow, so I’ve got a pop of color.” Darnell L. Moore @mooredarnell

Oliver Lawrence photo by fredrick salyers (@7haman)