pay tribute to marielle franco with brazilian electro band teto preto’s video

August 20, 2018
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Times of civil unrest usually incite powerful responses from artists as a way of highlighting and combating a violent status quo. Brazil’s current dark political period has found its radical response in the form of Brazilian electro group TETO PRETO, who combine Brazilian instruments with African percussion to create an apocalyptic sound and aesthetic that perfectly encapsulates the despair ravaging the poor and marginalized groups of Brazil. The band consider themselves political because they use their music and accompanying performance art to critique the rampant corruption in Brazil as well as the injustices faced by Black Brazilians and women.

TETO PRETO’S message also includes highlighting the plights of the Brazilian LGBTQ+ community, displayed by their latest video release ‘BATE MAIS’ (‘Kick me harder’), which is dedicated to slain Black, lesbian politician Marielle Franco as well as Matheusa Passarelli, a 21-year-old non-binary student and model who was killed and burned in the favelas of Rio just months after Franco. Passarelli was part of modeling agency Squad Brazil, which also represents TETO PRETO band members Loïc Koutana and Laura Diaz. ‘BATE MAIS’ is not the band’s first foray into political advocacy as their first video ‘GASOLINA’ dealt with social injustice and the arrests that took place around the protests surrounding former Brazilian president Dilma’s leaving office. ‘GASOLINA’ also managed to snag an MTV video award in Brazil.

‘BATE MAIS’ is a psychedelic feast of imagery that ties in with the bands consistent theme of radical freedom. The video is a performance art piece, alive in every aspect, from the electric beat to the potent imagery of shedding oppressive symbols like ropes and concealing clothing. It is the video manifestation of power to the party.