micheal jackson changed pop culture forever with his music, videos and shows

August 29, 2018
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Today is the King of Pop’s 60th birthday and to celebrate the ongoing legacy that he left behind, it’s only right to call out some of Michael Jackson’s greatest moments. Jackson’s impact on the music and entertainment industries are still felt today in many ways. From his powerhouse live performances which were cultural events, to the cinematic way he visualized each single with a record-shattering music videos.

On stage, Jackson’s legacy would become that of the greatest performer of all time. From his live debut of the moonwalk to Thriller to the gravity-defying Smooth Criminal lean and back again to precision choreography of the Jackson 5. Veeeery few people have done so much for modern-day entertainment than Jackson from inspiring other black creatives to experiment musically (think Pharrell Williams) and perform every show like their lives depended on it (cc: Beyonce).

Happy Birthday to the one and only, Michael Jackson.

Watch some of his best Live performances below: