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michaela angela davis geeniebox for the afropunk global initiative

August 28, 2018

GeenieBox is a genius gift centering the unique personal and professional growth needs of the most ambitious group in the United States, Black women. Every GeenieBox is a unique curation of an iconic woman’s favorite things: non-fiction books, beauty goodies, home decor and more. And every GeenieBox gives back to a social impact initiative that advances women and girls. Whether your go-to source for a monthly inspirational boost or the perfect gift for a magical Black woman celebrating a milestone, GeenieBox centers our stories – diverse, multi-dimensional, aspirational – and the things we love.  We’re excited to produce a AFROPUNK x MAD Box featuring iconic (and Global) Black Woman, Michaela angela Davis and gifting partial proceeds to AFROPUNK Global Initiative. Read MAD’s letter below which will also appear in the Box and grab your limited-edition box before sales close, Friday, 8/31 at 5p EST.


In these trying times (trust, they are trying us), I truly believe it’s never been a better time to be a Black Woman in the world. And it’s the best time to be a Black Woman in the world with vision.

I define being a Global Black Woman, as being in this world, eyes wide open and tongue sharpened ready to speak on what you see. It’s a big Black world out there and we’re able to be connected like never before (hello Black Twitter, Hi IG) and we’re ready to lead, everybody. I’ve discovered my own leadership at this point in my life’s journey (I’ve worn out some soles and got a stack of receipts) is only as good as the company I keep and the partnerships I make. Partnering with my comrade Jocelyn Cooper and AFROPUNK is a brilliant example of good, bad ass company. AP is the first cultural festival that’s intentionally created and activated community and connected the Black Diaspora.

So, it is with MAD joy I’m collaborating with AFROPUNK on this very special GeenieBox. It’s holding dreams, creams, magic and a bag to carry them in. I want everyone to read Minority Leader: How to Lead from the Outside and Make Real Change and learn more about the already historic, Stacey Abrams who has a real shot at being America’s first Black Woman Governor. Also inside, bringing a little light to a daily mantra with Brooklyn Brujeria’s  “You Got This” Candle; 100% Virgin Coconut Oil Leave-In Treatment from my go-to Black global brand for all things skin and hair, SheaMoisture; and y’all can put it all in my MAD FREE COILY #DopeTote (designed by uber-talented Sabla Stays).

Lastly, sisters we know we can get Stacey and women up and down the ticket, coast-to-coast, elected to office. Black Women are America’s greatest untapped natural resource (and only hope) so let’s tap dance on the F*ckery and get free!

Vote, Read, Pray, Stay Moisturized & Carry a Dope Tote.

Michaela angela Davis