love is a complicated yet sensual affair in ‘i think i love you again’ video by neo-soul virtuoso aaron taylor.

August 20, 2018
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Aaron Taylor is a London-based neo-soul musician of Ghanaian and Antiguan heritage, whose musical roots stretch all the way back to his church days where he sang gospel music. Although Taylor has been making music almost all his life, his recent efforts at producing his own music have been bearing fruit with the success of his most recent release ‘Get Through This’.

The musician just released a video for song ‘I Think I Love You Again’, providing a nostalgic visual element to accompany his laid-back R&B/Soul sound. The track seems like a love song at first listen but beneath surface, the song allegorically explores Taylor’s relationship with the creating process and music itself. The video captures the layered sensuality of the track with its muted retro tones and smooth textures, leaving us wanting more visually.