let the striking presence of melanin bring you ‘serenity’ in this awe-inspiring photo series

August 21, 2018
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“Ever looked at a photo and felt an overwhelming sense of peace?”

This is the question posed by photographer Odunsi Oladimeji regarding his photo series ‘Serenity’. “Serenity is a photo series that embodies peace and tranquillity. This series comprises of the combination of Color, skin tone, light and emotion to evoke the feeling of peace.” Oladimeji told AFROPUNK. Oladimeji has made it onto before with another arresting photo series, imbued with the breathtaking beauty of Black women.

Oladimeji worked with model Anoutchka to bring the series to life, utilizing props and colored backgrounds in order to contrast and elevate the model’s deep and hypnotic skin-tone. This photo series is a study on the wonder that is melanin. It is simple in it’s sophistication yet layered in it’s elegance. It is… Serenity.