Mick Jenkins (Prod. KAYTRANADA)

What Am I To Do

Hip-Hop | Rap

Cinematic Music Group


kaytranada and mick jenkins unleash “delicate flows under heavy metal bars” in new single

August 28, 2018
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Mick Jenkins is building all kinds of anticipation for his coming album ‘Pieces Of A Man’ with Kaytranada-produced track ‘What Am I To Do’. Kaytranada gives classic soul, new life with his off-kilter rhythmic experimentation, giving Jenkins an old-school flair to compliment his smooth yet powerful flow.

“Because I’ll be screaming black, they’ll beat me to blue,” is just one of the hard-hitting lines dropped by Jenkins. The easy brilliance of the flow paired with gripping punchlines displays a symbiosis between the musical pair that makes this track feel effortless.