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afropunk bk: identity and intersectionality

August 26, 2018

What AFROPUNK attendees think about race, resistance, and living in one’s truth.

Photos by Ruddy Roye for AFROPUNK

photo by Ruddy Roye

Ayomide Cole

“I resist daily by wearing my natural hair and presenting my most authentic self regardless of the audience. We must resist because we can not go back to how it was. Forward ever!”

photo by Ruddy Roye


“To resist allows individuals to follow their own paths without submitting to any norms, imposed, or inferred.”

photo by Ruddy Roye

Basit Shittu

“I have been resisting by celebrating the gift of Black women in music every day!”

photo by Ruddy Roye


Resist: “To preserve your true self and identity, by any means necessary. I wore this shirt to honor Colin Kaepernick and all other freedom fighters who challenge white supremacy and oppression.”

photo by Ruddy Roye


“To resist is to put your work and yourself into all you believe in with everything you have, no matter what, no matter who.”

photo by Ruddy Roye


“In resistance comes a self-liberation and determination to a further Blackness/Jah bless the Afro diaspora.”

photo by Ruddy Roye


“To me, ‘resist’ means freedom from the Eurocentric standards of beauty expected of me. Freedom from the detrimental controlling images that are portrayed of Black women. Resist to me means being a vision of Black women, that is soft,  beautiful, feminine and resilient. I resist by showing that all parts of the African Diaspora are important in the configuration of a global Black culture that we all can be proud of. I am a Queer, Black, femme and I am proud!”

photo by Ruddy Roye

Chris Miss

“I’ve been resisting this idea that mothers —specifically Black mothers— are supposed to be a certain way or have a certain kind of job. As a 30-year-old single Black mother who identifies as a free-form creative, sometimes I feel shamed. It’s like I ‘should’ be living a certain way. When you’re creative, people don’t always take your work seriously. They think it’s ‘not a real job.’ But as I watch my son grow up to be such a sensitive, open-minded, emotionally communicative being, I understand that motherhood’ doesn’t have to look like the picture that so many of us have blindly subscribed to.”

photo by Ruddy Roye

Tim Victor

“Resisting from the world’s limitation of societal standards of beauty. True beauty and individuality comes from within your inner being, God created us all as unique, dope individuals. I resist from NEGATIVITY to become who I was destined to be!”

photo by Ruddy Roye

Ashleigh Huckabey

“Resist means to me to be my true authentic self always. No matter what society tries to  pull out of you.”

photo by Ruddy Roye

Shae Roberts

“I have been resisting the policing of my body, mind, and creative inspiration through laws and censorship.”