florida’s next governor could be black, and he has a progressive platform

August 29, 2018
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Political apathy is for the birds beloveds because, as usual, Black People are stepping up to change the landscape of the political arena. Former Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum just won the Democratic primary against an established candidate in Florida. FLORIDA PEOPLE! The red state could elect a Black Democrat as its governor in November and we’re here for it!

Gillum is backed by Bernie Sanders and he advocates for policies that place him being a black man at the bottom of the list of things that excite us about the candidate. According to his website, Gillum is an outspoken progressive Democrat who will fight for issues like Medicare for all (he was the only candidate running with this platform), criminal justice and immigration reform, a $15 minimum wage, paying teachers, abolishing ICE, gun safety, preserving the environment, LGBTQ community protection and taxing the wealthy and corporations. Gillum winning in November will make him the first Black governor in the state’s history.

Gillum’s chances in the Gubernational election are so good, Trump is already tweeting about him. Putin’s apprentice is backing Gillum’s Republican opponent Ron DeSantis, who shares Trump’s racist beliefs so that’s all you really need to know about him. You know Cheeto Dust uses those twitter fingers when he’s feeling the pressure and boy is it mounting because the insults are already flying. That’s ok because the man is class act who is a real deal, and he had time to respond to the president and his fear-mongering.

Gillum’s win comes after he defied early poll numbers in the Florida primary and the candidate is also a part of the swell of Black candidates revitalizing Black voter bases, especially in a climate shameless efforts at repressing the Black vote across the country. The tide is slowly shifting but work still needs to be done. Get you and your people to the polls in November!


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