explore the dichotomy of yin and yang in new videos by the skins front-woman bayli

August 30, 2018

Brooklyn Hip-Hop, Pop-Rock band The Skins front-woman BAYLi is using the band’s hiatus to explore her songwriting as a solo artist. The songstress just released a pair of videos for her single ‘Mr and Mrs Smith’ that play on the inner dichotomy we each navigate in order to achieve the balance in our lives and within ourselves. The ‘Yin’ video explores a darker more masculine energy through the lens of a male director while the ‘Yang’ video exudes colorful, feminine freedom and is directed by a woman.

“Mr. & Mrs. Smith is about the duality of the human experience. We all encounter opposing and complementary forces; light, dark; male, female; sometimes in work, within ourselves, in relationships, and everywhere in life’s journey,” says the 24-year-old singer. “I wanted to create two videos for this song, one is directed by a talented female filmmaker and one by a male filmmaker. One is tonally darker the other light. Which one do you relate to? Which one is Mr., which one is Mrs. I bet you have parts of you in both…I sure do.”

The Bed-stuy native found inspiration for the videos from Bonnie and Clyde and her personal journey towards self-love. BAYLi’s songwriting ability shines in the infectious banger, and her energy seeps through both videos, giving us a glimpse of the contrasting sides of her energy.