white terrorist: woman charged with “ethnic intimidation” for spraying ‘n*ggers’ on neighbor’s house

July 17, 2018
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It’s been made pretty clear to us that (many) white Americans hate non-white people and are committed to making our existence in society as hard as possible. And now that Toledo police have arrested Patricia Edelen, her Ohio neighborhood is that much safer. Edelen, who had multiple warrants, was taken into custody and charged with “ethnic intimidation by reason of race, color, religion or national origin, criminal mischief, and criminal damaging/endangering property to cause/create substantial risk of physical harm” after spray painting “nigger stay out”, “Hail Trump”, and a Swastika on a neighbor’s home. Charming.

Apparently, Edelen was known in the neighborhood for harassing her neighbors as one of them reports that they even installed surveillance cameras out of safety concerns, which is how police identified Edelen as the racist.

Get help.