#blackgirlmagic goes glam-rock in this oakland artist’s new single

July 2, 2018
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New from Oakland-based singer The Sh8pshifter (aka Zakiya Harris) is her 80s vibin’ new single “Runaway”. A hard-driving pop tune that immediately recalls nostalgic memories of huge hair, neon blush, and convertibles cruising around on a warm summer night. Heavily inspired by glam rock with the use of heavy drums, “Runaway” is an electric ride afro-eclectic soul, dance, and theater that makes art of #BlackGirlMagic. “I love fusing my rock-inspired rhythms with heavy drums,” says The Sh8pshifter. “Once I heard the music, the lyrics just came thru my soul. The song is about movement, fluidity, and flexibility. It is a reminder to stay agile and not get stuck. I think sometimes we normalize suffering and don’t realize our own agency in what we have to put up with. There is a time to fight and a time to run away. Running doesn’t have to mean giving up, it can actually be a source of freedom.”