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black women are not taking sh*t from anyone anymore, if this freaks you out it’s not our problem

July 27, 2018
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We recently posted a tweet by @Steph_I_Will that called out a litany of abusers and abusive systems that keep Black women, the Black community in general, and everyone except the uber-rich, down. We, Black women, are sick of the shit that oppresses us. Seems fair, right? But what’s fucking weird about calling out these entities that have harmed Black women is the response from Black men. One commenter called Mark Lee reduced the sexually abusive histories of R. Kelly and Charlemagne the God to “fuck whoever disagrees with me and doesn’t think exactly how I do because I’m perfect, young and I know better than anyone”. Because the patriarchy is up for debate, yeah? Because peeing on children is cool with you, right?

This is the thing: fuck you. Literally. No matter what your proximity to Black women is, fuck you if you’re not creating space for us to speak. Never mind the fact that black women are always, always, ALWAYS riding for the community and do nothing but support and fight for justice for all people (see BLM, #MeToo, etc.). When we say we don’t fuck with something or we call out systems or individuals who harm us and people like us, Black men and other groups are the quickest to put us down or question out motives.

And I’d like to take a minute of your time during summer 20gayteen to tell all y’all who can’t be bothered with what Black women have to say to SUCK IT. If you don’t have anything positive and supportive for Black women, you need to kick rocks, homie. Cause we not tolerating any less any more.