betsy devos is not “dumb”, she’s a dangerous white woman with an agenda

July 30, 2018
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More important than being dumb, Betsy DeVos is dangerous.

One of the most foolish mistakes we can make is in underestimating the caprice and callousness of Trump and the members of his cabinet. And this goes just as much for the loons as it does the more outwardly calculated. In the case of Betsy DeVos, who has been rolling back Affirmative Action and student safety protection on-campus while pushing for the end of quality public education in any form, her idiotic disposition is just sheep’s clothing for white women.

During her brief tenure, DeVos has worked to make it harder for defrauded students to seek debt relief as part of her deregulation efforts to hold schools less accountable for the ‘services’ they provide and less accountable to the students who receive them. One such policy prevented for-profit institutions from flatly fabricating alumni employment statistics used to attract potential new students. “Unfortunately, as another example of the terribly misguided policies and detrimental policies of Betsy DeVos, she came in and basically rolled back that rule that was there to protect us, and we took to the courts,” says Massachusetts’ Maura Healey.

Most insidious of DeVos’ efforts come in the form of the negative effects black and poor students will experience in the system. As ProPublica reported via MotherJones, repelling anti-discrimination policies put in place by the Obama administration will make black children disproportionally more vulnerable to incarceration than resources and education. Essentially exacerbating the school to prison pipeline crisis.

Just look at DeVos’ home state of Michigan, the test run for her federal mission, where the high school graduation rate is 11th lowest in the nation and officials argue that students have no right to literacy.

As passively lost and confused as Betsy DeVos’ shit-eating grin makes her look, destruction like this doesn’t tend to happen by accident.