pretend you’re rich af with bad rabbit’s fantasy world of a single “dollars & change”

July 23, 2018

AFROPUNK Fest alums ‘Bad Rabbits’ want to make you feel rich even when you’re broke with ‘Dollars & Change’, their new single off their latest album ‘Mimi’. The R&B band have brought in illustrator Jimmy Lazer to add to the imagining of their animated alter-ego ‘Mimi’, the subject of the album, first introduced in their Times Up anthem ‘F on the J-O-B’.

“We’re countering the stereotypes and telling a crazy story from a female point-of-view,” says guitarist Salim Akram. “We’re not trying to give you the perspectives of a bunch of 35-year-old guys. It’s not about us – it’s all about Mimi. Women need to be respected, period, and we’re telling that viewpoint through the story of Mimi.”

‘Dollars & Change’ is brimming with the quintessential Bad Rabbits sound, packed to brim with ‘shimmering synths, heavenly falsetto, ratchet horns, and swaggering bass lines.” The energetic song has lively visuals to match in the video, which is filled with color-saturated visuals and emoji graphics that will bring a smile to your face.

‘Mimi’ is the fictional, short-haired voluptuous heroine who “represents the quintessential dream girl…even if the Starbucks lattes and the selfies go a little overboard.” Her sexuality is ambiguous and she can be found somewhere in each song on the album, either as subject or bystander. In ‘Dollars & Change’, Mimi can be seen living her best life, providing the perfect mood for the perfect Summer anthem.